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office for mechanical engineering


From planning to commissioning, we offer advice, temporary support, work packages or complete solutions.

Our specialties are:

conception, design, development,
Calculation and simulation, rapid prototyping

If required: delivery of complete equipment, assembly,
Acceptance / commissioning
Technical Documentation

strength, deformation, vibration
Shock, hydrodynamics, temperature curves

Gears, bevel gears, planetary gears, crank gears, water-lubricated
electric, hydraulic, combustion engine

rudder propeller, maneuvering aids,
shallow water propulsion, jet propulsion,
Side-by-side propeller

Flettner or Magnus rotors
Construction, calculation, installation

We develop individual sliding glass and ETFE film roofs for cruise ships, including the process and sealing technology.
This technique can also be used for buildings, terraces
or halls are used

perfect technology for better life