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Water Lubrication

Heavy-duty gears and drive parts with water lubrication


Siegfried Lais at the load test bench

The world's first water-lubricated bevel gear in the load test bench

The company
Ambient Water Transmissions
Siebensterngasse 32-34
A-1070 Wien / Vienna

works on the basis of two patents from Dipl. Ing. Siegfried Lais on the development of water-lubricated high-performance gears and on side-by-side propeller concepts.

In the meantime, a first water-lubricated bevel gear has survived a 400-hour full-load endurance test.

The gearbox was designed for 20 kW power transmission and a reduction suitable for a propeller drive.

Water lubricated gearboxes are suitable for applications where small leakage of lubricating oil or grease causes problems.

The know-how from the water-lubricated gear application can be used for all machine parts that have to move under high loads without lubricating oil or grease.