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Steerable ship propulsion and maneuvering systems
complete drive systems

- Rudder propeller up to 10 000 kW
   extendable or pivotable
- Pump jet propulsion systems for                  extreme operating conditions
- Transverse thrusters
- Special solutions for high-performance areas
- Installation and removal under water
- Dynamic positioning
- Shallow water
- Military application
   pressure pulse resistant
   Steel or GRP, CFRP

Standplakate 2008_3
Propulsion 2

The Side by Side Propeller

With the Side by Side Propeller (SbS), the drive power is distributed over 2 propellers. This reduces the necessary propeller diameter to around 70% of a single propeller, with the same ratio of drive power to thrust. This reduces the necessary draft of a ship. The counter-rotating propellers bring a gain in efficiency through a partial recovery of the swirl component of the propeller water.


The SbS is a patented invention by Siegfried Lais.
The patent is owned by

    Ambient Water Transmissions
    Siebensterngasse 32-34
    A-1070 Wien / Vienna



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