is an independent Company for Design & Development, Engineering, Consulting, Sourcing and Services

Founded 1993

Develops, designs and calculates for customers at home and abroad

Machines for production, automation, mounting and test

Tools and devices

Machines for special usage, e.g. in adventure parks

Gear and drive technology up to 6000 kW performance

Speciality: Ships propulsion, maneuvering concepts, water jets

3D design, hydrodynamic calculations, flow forces, thrust, ships speed, manoeuvrability and station keeping

Conventional strength calculation,

Calculation of vibrations and shock response

FE calculations of strength and deformations


Delivers design capacity, as our engineers are working in the offices of our customers (permission to lend out employees)

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is an independent company for sourcing and services

supplies mechanical parts, complete tools machines

takes over construction and test of prototypes, rebuildings, conversions, maintenance

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