Design & Development

International Project Assistance

Offers development, design, calculation and consultation for mechanical engineering as well as for ships propulsion and manoeuvring technology.


We gathered a lot of experiences in different lines of technology and business. So synergistic effects are available as they only can be collected in an engineering office where on the one hand the engineers are working with very different applications, on the other hand a very high specialization is achieved over decades for ships propulsion-, gear- and control systems.


With the ships propulsion technology we gathered over 36 year's experience with development, calculation and application of Rudder propellers, thrusters and Pump jets. Professional applications such as e.g. Container vessels, passenger ships , ferryboats, harbour tug and push boats have been from us successful designed, as well as under water mounted units or special arrangements for dynamic Positioning, e.g. for the offshore technique. Particularly specialized we are for shallow draft propulsions as well as for navy and army applications, e.g. use with minesweeper (a magnetic, shock- and pressure safe, in steel aluminium or grp)


We are using (almost) all modern techniques, which are available today. We take over complete projects or offer only support by carrying out drawings. Particularly specialized we are on conventional and finite element calculations.

We are working with different 2D- and 3D- programs *). Thereby all details can bee seen in the forefield and the ideal solution for you will be found.


  • *)
  • I-deas
  • Inventor
  • AutoCAD
  • more CAD- und  calculation programs.

Through international cooperation we are able to offer very low-cost engineering capacity, e.g. the taking over of 2D-drawings in 3D-programs or to carry out the final production drawings after 2D- or 3D-designs.



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Mechanical Engineering
Plant Construction
Marine Propulsion