The Glass sliding Roof, individually designed for Halls, Sun Decks, Terraces....

We design, develop and supply glass sliding roofs, individually designed according to your demand and taste.

  • filigree structure
  • special adhesive technology for the    Glass plates, carried out by company Brombach + Gess, marine glazing
  • surface of the roof is sleekl
  • roof is walkable
  • easy to cleanleicht zu reinigen
  • special roller and shifter block guides for high loads
  • all guides and driving components are widely corrosion-resisting in sea atmosphere. There is no need of any lubricants
  • no lubricating points from which oil or grease may come out
  • powerful electric motors are driving the roof segments
  • each roof part is driven on both sides
  • the electric motors are electronically synchronized
  • no linkage or bearings crosswise over the roof
  • each roof part can be stopped on any point and will be fixed there
  • on the limit positions the roof segments are locked by additional mechanical locking mechanism
  • all guides and driving components are widely coveredeingebaut