Drive Technology

Conception, outline, design, and calculation

Bevel gears, spur gears and planetary gears up to 6000 kW

as well as smaller, such as with these gear wheels out of plastic, max. diameter 2.4 cm. With traditional gearing machines these wheels can not be produced. They're designed for die-casting. We elaborated the accurate tooth shape of the spur and bevel gears in the  computer, so that a rapid prototyping procedure could be used for prototypes, for test purpose, and later the mould could be produced.

For a drive application we provide the concept with all necessary components, we carry out the calculations for strength, bearing life time and vibrations. We have 36 years experience in world wide applications.

Of course we also provide the fabrication drawings thereto.

Our calculations are carried out due to traditional formulas and procedures or with finite element programs and can be used for approval by the TÜV or international classification societies.

Example bevel gear, performance 1200 kilowatt, suited for different gear reductions

Rudderpropeller for 2500 kW Propeller diameter 2700 mm

Example spur gear, input torque ca. 75000 Nm

Compleat ships propulsion unit

We provide optional, good value gearboxes, shafts or complete drive units.

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