delivers good value machine parts, shafts, castings and welded parts, precise by high quality and almost any size. Also compleat devices and special machines.

We offer cast parts in all usual casting materials and technologies, in all weight categories, inclusive heat treatment, in the rough state rough machined, with over dimension for the processing or with finishing.

Grey cast iron GG 20 to GG 30 in accordance with DIN 1691 to 70 T

GGG 40 to GGG 80 in accordance with DIN 1693 to 50 T

Cast steel - we offer a wide assortment at C-steel at -, low-, means- and high composed materials in accordance with DIN 1681.17182, 17245, 17445, 17465 to 420 T.Messing und Bronze bis 500 kg.

Weld constructions, inclusive pressure vessels, we offer from carbon- and stainless steel, weight per peace up to about 80 T. The quality of the welded joints will be checked by ultrasonic, x-ray- or penetrate inspection. In case of need, the parts will be stress relieved by heat treatment after welding.

Also welded parts can be machined in the rough state rough, with over dimension for the processing or with finishing.

We take over construction and test of prototypes, rebuilding’s, site supervision and support service of machines, Vessels and facilities.